Syrtis Major Planum is a plain located in the boundary between the northern lowlands and southern highlands of Mars. It extends for about 930 miles (1500 Km) north from the planet's equator, and spans 620 miles (1000 Km) from west to east and encompasses a large slope from its western edge at Aeria dropping 2.5 miles (4 Km) to its eastern edge at Isidis Planitia. It includes a high-altitude bulge that rises 3.7 miles (6 Km).

Due to its seasonal and long-term variations, there are theories on Syrtis Major Planum that it was a shallow sea and that its variability was due to seasonal vegetation. In the 1960s and 1970s the Mariner and Viking planetary probes led scientists to conclude that the variations were caused by wind blowing dust and sand across the area. Syrtis Major Planum has many windblown deposits that include light-colored halos that form downwind of craters.

Syrtis Major Planum viewed on Google Mars

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