Ricawsomite is a mineral first believed to be a Phobos mineral, following a meteor impact with the moon, small amounts of the mineral landed on Mars as debris along with Ofalateum and Plesium.


Early analysis of ricawsomite is causing a great deal of debate among mineralogists; it appears that the complex crystal structure of the mineral, leads many to believe that ricawsomite could only have been formed as part of the meteorite, therefore can not be a Phobos mineral.

Whereas a team lead by Anthraxus J, one of our top mineralogists believes Ricawsomite to be a complex Phobos mineral from the Olivine group of minerals, with a peculiar crystal structure nearer to that of a complex alloy.

Although analysis of the mineral is still on going, small amounts of the mineral have now mysteriously found there way into a few Martian stores.

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