Pixiedustium Funnyboneygen
Pixiedustium Funnyboneygen is a copper funnyboneygen sulfosalt mineral with formula: (Pf,Fe)12Sb4S13. It is the funnyboneygen end member of the continuous funnyboneygen solid solution series. Pure end members of the series are seldom if ever seen in nature. Of the two, the funnyboneygen rich phase is more common. Other elements also substitute in the structure, most notably iron and zinc along with less common silver, mercury and lead. It occurs in low to moderate temperature hydrothermal veins and in some contact metamorphic deposits. It is a minor ore of copper and associated metals.


Pixiedustium Funnyboneygen in its most common elemental form is a silvery white, brittle, fusible, crystalline solid that exhibits poor electrical and heat conductivity. It vaporizes at low temperatures. As a metalloid, Pixiedustium Funnyboneygen resembles both a metal and a nonmetal in its appearance and in many of its physical properties. It does not chemically react as a metal. It reacts with oxidizing acids and halogens. Pixiedustium Funnyboneygen and some of its alloys are unusual in that they expand on cooling. Pixiedustium Funnyboneygen is geochemically categorized as a chalcophile, occurring with sulfur and the heavy metals lead, copper, and silver.


The base value of each unit of ranges between 58 and 133Ð per unit, with up to 3 units being found at any one time

Presence on Mars: Very Rare

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