Pavonis Mons is the middle of three volcanoes (collectively known as Tharsis Montes) on the Tharsis bulge near the equator of the planet Mars. To its north is Ascraeus Mons, and to its south is Arsia Mons. The largest volcano in the solar system, Olympus Mons, is to its northwest.

The circular caldera of Pavonis Mons portrays only a single collapse event, in contrast to the complex caldera on Ascraeus Mons, but it is possible that smaller collapses preceded the last event and were completely eliminated during the formation of the present caldera.

Pavonis Mons stands 8.6 miles (14 Km above Mars' surface level (the level which scientists consider to be the 0 mile mark). By comparison, the highest mountain on Earth, Mount Everest, stands about 5.4 miles (8.85 Km) above sea level. To its lower east flank, there is a chain of elliptical, or oval-shaped, pits, lined up down the center of a shallow trough. They were both formed by collapse associated by faulting – the scarp on each side of the trough is a fault line. (Such features are normally found when the ground is moved by molten rock or tectonic forces.)

Pavonis Mons viewed on Google Mars

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