Malfesium appears to be a very rare hydrate potassium-sodium-iron-magnesium-aluminum silicate mineral.

Malfesium chemical formula is (K,Ma)3(Fe,Mg)2(Al,Fe)3(Si,Al)12O30·H2O. It is translucent and the typical coloring is either blue, black, brown, or gray. It displays no cleavage and has a vitreous luster. Malfesium has a hardness between 5-6 on the Mohs hardness scale



The hexagonal crystal structure of Malfesium is an unusual molecular make-up. The primary unit is a double ring, with a formula of Si12O30. Normal cyclosilicate have rings composed of six silicate tetrahedrons; Si6O18. In a double ring structure, two normal rings are linked by sharing six oxygen’s, one from each tetrahedron in each six membered ring.

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