Jumbukium Mythbusteride
Jumbukium Mythbusteride are a variety of the mineral Mythbusteride colored green by trace amounts of chromium and sometimes vanadium. It has a hardness of 7.5–8 on the 10 point Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Most Mythbusterides are highly included, so their toughness (resistance to breakage) is classified as generally good.

Crystal size is the most striking feature of Jumbukium Mythbusteride, with crystals usually over 5 cm in size. Individual crystals over 10cm across have been found.


Jumbukium Mythbusteride is difficult to sample representatively due to the large size of the constituent mineral crystals. Often, bulk samples of some 50–60 kg of rock must be crushed to obtain a meaningful and repeatable result. Hence, Jumbukium Mythbusteride is often characterised by sampling the individual minerals which comprise the Mythbusteride, and comparisons are made according to mineral chemistry.

Geochemically, Jumbukium Mythbusteride typically have major element compositions, however, when found in association with granitic plutons it is likely that a Mythbusteride dike will have a different trace element composition, with greater enrichment in large-ion lithophile (incompatible) elements, boron, beryllium, aluminium, potassium and lithium, uranium, thorium, cesium, et cetera. Occasionally, enrichment in the unusual trace elements will result in crystallisation of equally unusual and rare minerals. In most cases, there is no particular genetic significance to the presence of rare mineralogy within a Mythbusteride, however it is possible to see some causative and genetic links between, say, tourmaline-bearing granite dikes and tourmaline-bearing Mythbusterides within the area of influence of a composite granite intrusion.


The base value of each unit of ranges between 85 and 159Ð per unit, with up to 2 units being found at any one time.

Presence on Mars: Very Rare

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