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Help!!! I'm being attacked everyday, they're taking all my MDs, what do I do?Edit

  • Work on upgrading your defenses, this limits the number of attacks to mostly higher level players.
  • Join an alliance, this will also help limit the number of people who will attack you.
  • Don't hoard MDs! Keep as much of your MDs in MD cards as possible. If there's nothing to steal, nothing will be stolen.
  • Move!!! A homestead move to the boondocks is the most costly of these, but is worth the decreased number of attacks. Credits from redeeming a Star Card set or Subscribing can cheaply pay for this.

What's a Timewarp? How do I find one? What are they good for?Edit

  • A place where cards can be converted to other types of cards. MDs can also be converted to MD cards.
  • They can be found by completing the Time Crystal Mission. They may also be mentioned in chat. Their co-ords will be in the top of the chat window if another player has chosen to share them.
  • Converting lower star cards to black gives more than double the normal amount of moves. Storing Mds in cards prevents others from taking them.

I'm a lean, mean, settlement owning machine, why join an alliance? Edit

  • Improved odds of jackpots based on settlements owned by allies.
  • Mission and general game help.
  • Allies unlikely to attack you.
  • Bragging rights(com'on you know you wanna ;) )

Known bugs Edit

  • A list of known bugs in the game can be found on the Known Bugs page
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