Bigtombowite Spyderidium

Bigtombowite Spyderidium is noted for its rich reddish coloring. This color scheme is caused by the oxidation of iron. Iron leached from rocks provided the pigment that gives the mineral its beautiful array of color. The concentration of Iron and the amount of oxidation determine the color within, or between bands.

The mineral comes in various sizes. The gas pockets in which the Bigtombowite Spyderidium formed were primarily small, about 1 cm in diameter. A few Spyderidium minerals have been found that are 22 cm in diameter with a mass exceeding 10 kilograms. Very large Spyderidiums are extremely rare.


The most common type of Bigtombowite Spyderidium is the fortification Bigtombowite Spyderidium with its eye-catching banding patterns. Each band, when traced around an exposed pattern or "face," connects with itself.

Sometimes Bigtombowite Spyderidium is the parallel-banded, perfectly straight, parallel bands occur over all or part of these stones. The straight bands were produced by puddles of Spyderidium-rich solutions that crystallized inside the gas pocket under very low fluid pressure. The parallel nature of the bands also indicates the Spyderidium position inside the lava flow.

Occasionally, collectors find Bigtombowite Spyderidium with an almost perfectly smooth natural surface. These rare Spyderidium are believed to have spent a long time tumbling back and forth in the waves along some long-vanished, wave-battered rocky beach. They are called, appropriately enough, "water-washed" Spyderidium.


The base value of each unit of ranges between 64 and 139Ð per unit, with up to 2 units being found at any one time.

Presence on Mars: Very Rare

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