Arabia Terra is a large upland region in the north of Mars. It is densely cratered and heavily eroded. This battered topography indicates great age, and Arabia Terra is presumed to be one of the oldest terrains on the planet. It covers as much 2796 miles (4500 Km) at its longest extent, with its eastern and southern regions rising roughly to 2.5 miles (4 Km) above the north-west.

Hundreds of layers of similar thickness, texture, and pattern have been exposed by erosion in a 40 mile-wide (64 Km-wide) impact crater in western Arabia Terra. In other words, these layers provide a record of repeated, episodic changes that took place at some time far in the Martian past, when this particular impact crater was the site of sediment deposition. Studies suggest that the sediments that created these layers were deposited from above, perhaps by settling out of the Martian atmosphere, or perhaps by settling out of water that might have occupied this crater as a lake.

Arabia Terra viewed on Google Mars

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