Anirbaneshanite Mythoxide

Anirbaneshanite Mythoxide is a calcium hydroxide nesosilicate mineral with formula Ca3Si2O4(OH)6. It occurs as glassy, colorless to green or blue prismatic monoclinic crystals. Its Mohs scale hardness is between 3 and 4. It occurs as an alteration mineral in contact metamorphism of limestone. Anirbaneshanite Mythoxide is typically found in veins with Mythbusteride and it belongs to the nesosilicate sub-class. It is monoclinic, its space group is P2 and its point group is 2.


It is suggested that Anirbaneshanite Mythoxide forms in fractured veins with the minerals Jkyebium Mythbusteride, Mythbusterast, Mythbusterium and Wilmannsrock Mythbusteride all are minerals that form in layers. It appears that the Anirbaneshanite Mythoxide, as well as the Mythbusterast, forms from precipitated fluids. The Jkyebium Mythbusteride is actually an alteration of the Anirbaneshanite Mythoxide, but both formed from calcium silicates through hydration. Laboratory studies determined that Anirbaneshanite Mythoxide forms at a temperature below 200°C; usually around 100°C. Anirbaneshanite Mythoxide and Mythbusterium are formed through contact metamorphism of limestone. Contact metamorphism is caused by the interaction of rock with heat and/or fluids from a nearby crystallizing silicate magma.

Anirbaneshanite Mythoxide has a complex monoclinic structure, and the silicon tetrahedra in the crystal structure are held together by hydrogen bonds. It has perfect cleavage parallel to its (101) and poor cleavage parallel to its (100) faces. It is biaxial and its 2V angle, the measurement from one optical axis to the other optical axis, is 50 – 56 degrees. When viewed under crossed polarizers in a petrographic microscope, it displays first-order orange colors, giving a maximum birefringence of 0.0167 (determined by using the Michel- Levy chart). Anirbaneshanite Mythoxide is optically positive. Additionally, it has a prismatic crystal habit. Under a microscope Anirbaneshanite Mythoxide looks like Jkyebium Mythbusteride, which is in the same family as Anirbaneshanite Mythoxide.

Anirbaneshanite Mythoxide is composed of double chains that consist of calcium and silicon polyhedral connected to each other by sharing corners and edges. This causes continuous sheets to form parallel to its miller index [-101] faces. The sheets are bonded together by hydrogen bonds and are all connected by Ca-Si-O bonds (Malik and Jeffery 1976). Each calcium atom is in 6-fold octahedral coordination with the oxygen, and the silicon is in 4-fold tetrahedral coordination around the oxygen. Around each silicon there is one OH group and there are three oxygens that neighbour them. The silicon tetrahedra are arranged so that they share an edge with calcium(1), and silicon(2) shares edges with the calcium(2) and calcium(3) polyhedral. The silicon tetrahedra are held together by the OH group and hydrogen bonding occurs between the hydrogen in the OH and the silicon tetrahedra. hydrogen bonding is caused because the positive ion, hydrogen, is attracted to negatively charge ions which, in this case, are the silicon tetrahedra.


The base value of each unit of ranges between 31 and 106Ð per unit, with up to 3 units being found at any one time.

Presence on Mars: Very Rare

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